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Embroidery and Textile Art
The 'British Birds' Project
'Britain's Favourite Bird'...

The top 10 favourite birds were:

1) Robin

2) Barn Owl

3) Blackbird

4) Wren

5) Red Kite

6) Kingfisher

7) Mute Swan

8) Blue Tit

9) Hen Harrier

10) Puffin

This is a series of artworks inspired by a recent poll to choose 'Britain's National Bird'.  ( 


The pieces combine painting, patchwork and embroidery. 


None of the embroidery has been produced on a machine, it is all done freestyle by hand.  Whilst much more labour intensive, I find this far more effective when it comes to capturing the details of texture and the nuances in colour.

Some of the original artworks can be purchased from my Etsy shop - have a peek and see what's available!


Barn Owl



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