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Here's a selection of my original artwork.

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Woodland Watercolours


Pen and Ink Drawings


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Contact me for details of pet portraits and original artworks...

Pen and Ink
Pen and Ink

My pen and ink drawings are inspired by medieval woodcuts.  All the shading is achieved using different combinations of line patterns.  I love the interplay of how stylised this looks close up, and how realistic it looks from a distance.

These drawings are available as high quality giclee prints (mounted or unmounted) and greetings cards.  Alternatively, contact me to commission your own original work of art!

Woodland Watercolours


My animal watercolours are produced by layering washes of paint with fine pencil detail, building up fine veils of colour and texture until they reach the perfect level of ‘furriness’.  The finished effect is a beautiful balance of stylised pattern and charming realism.

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