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This beautiful hanging ornament is the perfect gift for the librarian in your life!  I've hand made it from a recycled illustration from Roald Dahl's 'Matilda'.  This picture is of Mrs Phelps, the librarian who first gives Matilda 'proper' books to read, and doesn't patronise her.  Who knows what would have become of Matilda is she hadn't met Mrs Phelps at the beginning of the book?  The librarian is the unsung heroine of this story, if you ask me!

These one of a kind decorations have been handmade from a recycled copy of Roald Dahl's 'Matilda', with it's lovely pictures by the beloved children's illustrator Quentin Blake. The illustrations have been sealed under glass, then mounted in a silver alloy setting.  

The ornaments measure approx 5 cm x 3.5 cm across  (1.9 in x 1.4 in).  They are hung on a pale pink satin ribbon (I can change the colour to blue if you'd like, just ask when you order!)
There are other illustrations from the book in other sizes and settings elsewhere in my shop, so please feel free to browse for more Roald Dahl accessories and jewellery!

All my jewellery comes beautifully presented in a little velvet bag with a hand stamped and written label.

The book I've used was a badly damaged copy that had been donated to a charity shop.  The charity received a donation from me, and the book is recycled and gets to live a second life :)

Matilda Librarian Ornament Handmade with Real Book Illustration

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